Friday, 23 November 2018

What is a yeknom

You start off by drawing a circle face in the middle of the page make sure the face is big
Inside the face is a round heart shape
Draw cute big eyes inside the round heart shape
Draw a small oval nose
Draw eyebrows at the top of the eyes
Draw a sideways J smile
Draw big ears behind circle face
Draw long arm underneath the circle face
Draw a banana underneath the long arms
At the top of the face draw a body with legs
Draw a tail between the legs.

What do you think a yeknom is?


  1. Hi Sumaya its Bella from room 7 i like how you wrote how to draw but i wish that you would have drawn the outcome.

  2. Hi Sumaya, my name is Luka I am a student in Room 8.
    I really like your post on what is a yeknom even though i have no idea what it is. I think its cool that you're giving people a chance to learn to draw with this step by step drawing but i think you should add a picture so people can also copy of that.
    If you would like to see my learning please go to

    From Luka


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