Thursday, 28 September 2017

Mindcraft the musical

Brainstorm for Mindcraft the Musical recount
Kauri team
Mindcraft the musical
Owairaka school hall
21 of september 2017
For inquiry art
Kauri team was splitted in some were in the choir and the was actors costumes props marketing and costumes
What was your role/s?
We were evil zombies
How did you go in your role/s?
I think we did did awesome it was amazing
What was challenging?
Being there at the right time!
What was most enjoyable?
When i was on the stage acting like zombies
Any tips for people doing a production in the future?

What was the production about
Good luck!

It was about a girl and a boy named joe and alex they we addicted on technology one day joe was one his tablet listening to dj dragon songs joe was the millionth fan
So the evil dragon ask his guards to bring him
Written by Rachel Sutherland. In association with '" 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Term 3  alike
Brain storm Dad School Colour Happy Work People Violinist Bag Grey Sad Bored Hugs Draw Creative Playing typewriter
Writing about alike

Hi there my name is paste and i have a father named copi. Today i am really excited because it is my first day at school. so now i was planning to slide down to my dad that will be fun so when i did it was AMAZING. Bye i am going now. So when i arrived at school i had a lot of work to do i only saw funny shaped things i had no idea how to do this so i drawed instead but when my teacher saw me drawing she got me in trouble so i had to do it again i was writing it but more creative

Washing time

this made this animation with my friend Claire it was not long to make hope you enjoy it !

should play time be stopped at school


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

sumaya speech

Imagine this you are a shark, just swimming around in the sea  minding your own business, then suddenly a gigantic net drops down and grabs you.
You wouldn’t want that happening would you? But it does happen to sharks.
Hi, my name is sumaya and today i will be talking about why shark nets should be banned.
Firstly what is a shark net? shark nets are a submerged net around beaches to reduce shark attack swimmers. 3
Secondly did you know that 100 million sharks die by nets every year all around the world!! 5 That’s a lot and it should stop! Here’s Why i think shark nets Be banned!
Well i think sharks should be banned because it is killing sharks, and everyone knows that sharks have a life.then why would you want to kill them. Its like you walking around then someone randomly comes and kills you well that’s the same as sharks,That’s why i strongly believe that shark nets should be banned!!.