Friday, 5 May 2017

Holiday writing

In the holidays we were going to  Rotorua. So first we went to Hamilton to stay outside  for a bit we were looking around places.Then we went back in the car i felt bored so i sleep. After that we went  to another place so we can eat and play around there when
we finished eating we went back in the car again I was looking outside for a long time after that we finally made it to Rotorua. It smelled a lot in rotorua it was stinky but w
e still had fun looking around.

Science in a van visit

Today we had a visit from the awesome people from ‘Science in a Van’. The morning started with some fun science tricks where they pulled  tablecloth of the table. And also where the was swinging the cardboard and put 1 cup then they put another 3 cups

I learnt that there are 3 states of matter
  1. Solid
  2. Liquid
  3. Gas

I also learnt…3 states of matter

Another cool thing I learnt was…pull force no friction

I had a really great time watching ‘Science in a Van’. I learnt lots of new, interesting, information about states of matter and I would highly recommend it to anyone else who had the opportunity to watch it i thought it was really cool and fun i learnt a lot of interesting.