Friday, 9 November 2018


The 6th of November 2018 Puriri and Kauri team went to athletics.
Athletics was at love lock track we had to walk there.
When we arrived the first thing we did was running the first one was 800m
I was super tired after I did it I did not come a place.
After we did 100 m and I came third twice.
My favourite was High jump because it was SUPER fun.

Here is a picture: 


  1. Hi sumaya My name is ava at rom 24 owairaka School .I really liked athetics too !!!!mabe next time have a video thanks for shareing your lerning You should check out my blog blog ya later

  2. Kia ora, hi Ava for commenting on my blog what was your favourite sport at athletics?
    Blog you later!

  3. Kia Ora Sumaya I am in room 18 Owairaka District School. I liked your blog post about athletic's. I remembered when I did athletics it was really fun.Blog you later

  4. Kia Ora Sumaya my name is Luca in room 18 at Owairaka School I really liked your blog post about athletics when I was reading this you said your favorite sport was High Jump and you said you liked it because it was fun please tell us more info if you would liked to see my blog copy and paste this URL

  5. Hi Sumaya, Lucas here from Room 23. Did you enjoy athletics? I really enjoyed it. My favourite activity was high jump as well. Come check out my blog at

    1. Kia ora, Hi Lucas thanks you for commenting my blog and I really enjoyed athletics.
      Blog you later


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